Tree Removal

Tree Removal

As a tree service company, we believe trees are a precious community resource that should be preserved whenever possible. However, we also recognize that sometimes there is no alternative but to take down a tree. Old age, disease, storm damage, and construction are all reasons why a tree might need to be removed.  When the need for removal arises, it becomes our job to make sure that trees are taken down with maximum safety and efficiency.

Careful consideration is taken in determining the method and necessary equipment needed to accomplish a safe and successful removal. Some tree locations, obstacles, conditions and size require a crane or bucket truck for safe removal.  The appropriate method is determined during the free estimate visit.


Emergency Services

Emergencies do occur and can be extremely stressful.  We are available to assess the damage and restore your property back to the best condition possible.  We will quickly and efficiently cut, trim or remove any severely damaged trees and clean up the debris. If a storm has gone through and made a mess of your yard with tree debris and broken limbs, or if a tree fell on your roof, we offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us at (352.266.7390)


Debris Removal

Call us for your tree debris removal needs  We have large capacity self loading grapple trucks prepared to quickly and efficiently remove your debris.   Our trucks are available for residential or commercial use.  Debris removal is priced by the truck load.  With our large 65 yard trucks we can remove a massive amount of debris at one time.  Call the office for more information.


Tree Trimming, Pruning and Limb Removal

Trimming or pruning is beneficial to the overall health of a tree and improves the trees appearance.  There are many types of pruning techniques to accomplish your ultimate goal.  We will review your concerns and explain in detail what is needed to accomplish your desired improvement.

There are many reasons to consider tree trimming and limb removal.  Weight distribution and balance, dead wood removal, canopy elevation and proper wind flow can be accomplished with periodic tree maintenance.

Land Clearing Dunnellon

Land Clearing

Complete land clearing, brush removal, selective clearing, debris removal and stump removal. Call us for your free estimate.